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Nissim Black

Superstar, Rapper and Singer

Nissim Black is a former gangsta from the hood whose journey took him to Christianity, Islam and eventually to Judaism. This Religious Jewish shtreimel-wearing rapper will surely mesmerise you with his story.

Nissim has been a gangsta rapper, a gang member, and a faith seeker. But it is his current incarnation that is here to stay: an African American Hasidic Jew who brings sharp beats and hooked-filled rhymes to the masses.
The first single of 2020, “Mothaland Bounce” is a confluence of everything he’s ever done, and everywhere he’s ever been. The vibe is old school, but the song is thoroughly fresh, pairing big beats with an African hook and a catchy chorus for a video that has already garnered 3.9 million views on YouTube.

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Nissim Black

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