Mrs Lifshy Ajzenszmidt

Chabad Campus, Melbourne

Lifshy Ajzenszmidt is the co-director of Chabad Campus, Melbourne and the first female Jewish Chaplain at Monash University, Melbourne.

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Rabbi Yanky Berger

Chabad Double Bay, Sydney

Rabbi Yanky Berger is the founder and spiritual leader of Chabad Double Bay in Sydney.

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Nissim Black

Superstar, Rapper and Singer

Nissim Black is a former gangsta from the hood whose journey took him to Christianity, Islam and eventually to Judaism. This Religious Jewish shtreimel-wearing rapper will surely mesmerise you with his story.

Nissim has been a gangsta rapper, a gang member, and a faith seeker. But it is his current incarnation that is here to stay: an African American Hasidic Jew who brings sharp beats and hooked-filled rhymes to the masses.
The first single of 2020, “Mothaland Bounce” is a confluence of everything he’s ever done, and everywhere he’s ever been. The vibe is old school, but the song is thoroughly fresh, pairing big beats with an African hook and a catchy chorus for a video that has already garnered 3.9 million views on YouTube.

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Rabbi Yossi Chazan

Manchester UK

Rabbi Yossi Chazan was born in New York, USA and educated at Mesifta Torah VoDaas. He is a graduate from Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim (Lubavitch) in Kfar Chabad, New Haven, Montreal and New York. In 1984 he was appointed Director of Education at the Jewish Cultural Leisure Centre where his reputation grew as a vibrant and challenging leader serving both the immediate North Manchester Jewish community and regionally in the North of England. In 1991 Rabbi Chazan accepted the offer of Rabbi of the prestigious Holy Law and South Broughton Hebrew congregation and his skilled erudition extended his widening fame within the community, interpreting with lucidity difficult and problematic portions of Torah, Talmud and Halacha. His weekly classes attract a broad spectrum of North Manchester Jewry, with men and women attending regularly in the hundreds.

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Professor Alan Dershowitz

Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law Emeritus at Harvard Law School

Alan Dershowitz is a leading criminal lawyer and is a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.

Dershowitz is Brooklyn native who has been called “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer” and one of its “most distinguished defenders of individual rights,” “the best-known criminal lawyer in the world,” “the top lawyer of last resort,” “America’s most public Jewish defender” and “Israel’s single most visible defender – the Jewish state’s lead attorney in the court of public opinion.”

He is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Dershowitz, a graduate of Brooklyn College and Yale Law School, joined the Harvard Law School faculty at age 25 after clerking for Judge David Bazelon and Justice Arthur Goldberg.

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Rabbi Yossi Engel

Chabad of South Australia

Rabbi Yossi Engel is the director of Chabad of South Australia. Based in Adelaide he has been servicing the community for over 20 years.

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Rebbetzin Elka Feldman

Newtown Synagogue & Young Adult Chabad, Sydney

Rebbetzin Elka Feldman has a wealth of experience in spiritual leadership and pastoral care and joined Newtown Synagogue in 2018 together with husband Rabbi Eli Feldman.

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Rabbi Motti Feldman

Dover Heights Shule, Sydney

Rabbi Motti Feldman together with his wife Esti founded Dover Heights Shule in Sydney, now one of Sydney's fastest growing communities.

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Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein

Chief Rabbi of South Africa

Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein is the current Chief Rabbi of South Africa and a global Jewish leader.

Often referred to as a ‘spiritual entrepreneur’ he has launched and led a number of innovative social projects with global reach and impact. Two of his local projects have been embraced and championed by world-jewry: Generation Sinai, an annual family learning experience as well as The Shabbat Project which unites Jews annually in over 1000 cities on an unprecedented scale.

He has featured on The Algemeiner’s top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life multiple times and has a regular study session with South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa. He is an executive member of South Africa’s National Religious Leaders Council, through which he is involved with strengthening inter-faith relations in the country between Jews, Christian, Muslims, Hindus and other faiths, as well as engaging with the government on national policy matters.

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Mrs Rochel Gordon

Chabad of Tasmania

In September 2011, Rabbi Yochanan and Rochel Gordon moved across the world, and made Tasmania their home together with their 18 month son, Sholom. Their arrival brought the first resident Rabbi back to Tasmania after 60 years.

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Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum

L'Chaim-Chabad Kingston, Melbourne

Rabbi Elisha Greenbaum is spiritual leader of Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation and co-director of L’Chaim Chabad in Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia.

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Mrs Esther Malka Groner

Chabad Glen Eira, Melbourne

Esther Malka Groner is founder and director of Chabad Glen Eira creche and is committed to offering quality educational care for children in the Jewish community. She offers an environment where educators, families and children are welcomed and respected. With 8 children of her own, she has a deep understanding of the joys and challenges of parenting. She has been in the field of education for over 28 years and has a Bachelor in Education and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has a great passion and respect for children and is very approachable to all.

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Rabbi Nir Gurevitch

Gold Coast Hebrew Congegation

Rabbi Nir Gurevitch is known as a warm, caring and energetic individual, and has led the Gold Coast Hebrew Congregation together with his wife Dina since 1993.

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Rabbi Lazer Gurkow

International Scholar and Writer

Rabbi Gurkow is spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tefilah in London, Ontario. He has lectured extensively on a variety of Jewish topics, and his articles have appeared in many print and online publications.

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Rabbi Captain Dovid Gutnick

East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation

Dovid is an Aussie, a great bloke and a Rabbi. No matter your religious orientation his streetwise, down to earth approach will make you feel comfortable and spiritually enriched. Like his father and grandfather before him, Dovid proudly serves in the Australian Defence Force Reserves as the army’s Jewish Chaplain.

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Mrs Rochel Gutnick

East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation, Melbourne

Rachel is a true Rebbetzin of the East Melbourne Hebrew Congregation taking an active role in the synagogue, its congregation and its excellent functions.

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Rabbi Mendel Haller

Chabad of Dingley, Melbourne

Rabbi Mendel Haller is the co-director of Chabad of Dingley, Melbourne.

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Rabbi YY Jacobson

Internationally Renowned Scholar

One of America’s premier Jewish scholars in Torah and Jewish mysticism, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak (YY) Jacobson is one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world today.

Rabbi Jacobson has lectured to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences on six continents, and serves as a teacher and mentor to thousands across the globe.

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Mrs Dina Kahn

Chabad Youth, Melbourne

Dina is a multi-talented community leader, with 20 years of experience in organisation, team leading and education. Aside from her full time work in childcare and Chabad Youth, Dina has Co-Directed YJP since its inception in 2013.

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Mrs Esthe Khutoretsky

Chabad of Sunshine Coast

Mrs Esthe Khutoretsky is the co-director of Chabad of the Sunshine Coast.

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Rabbi Levi Kurinsky

Ohr Brighton, Melbourne

Rabbi Levi Kurinsky is the co-director of Ohr Brighton, a Jewish community centre providing educational, traditional and cultural programs and celebrations in a warm, inviting and inclusive environment.

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Ari Lesser

Jewish Rapper, Singer and Songwriter

Ari Lesser is a Jewish American rapper, singer, songwriter, and spoken word artist. Known for his videos on Israel and Jewish Holidays, Lesser has released over a dozen albums, written hundreds of original songs on a wide range of subjects, composed raps about 200 different animals, and created accurate rhyming translations of Pirke Avot, Psalms, and other parts of the Siddur. He continues to perform and speak at events around the world.

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Mrs Dina Liberow

Hamerkaz Centre, Melbourne

Dina Liberow is the co-director of Hamerkaz Centre in Melbourne.

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Mrs Miri Lipskier

Chabad Youth, Melbourne

Miri together with her husband Rabbi Menachem coordinate and direct youth programs and activities across Melbourne.

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Mrs Elisheva Martinetti

London, UK

Elisheva Martinetti was born in North-East China. She was educated in Kesser Torah College in Sydney. After high school she went on to study in Tzfat before becoming a teacher at Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School in London, UK, where she currently lives with her husband and daughter.

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Yossel (Wayne) Meyers


Former Christian Pastor, Wayne (Yossel) Meyers continued to search for truth until he and his wife convered to Orthodox Judaism.

Mrs Renee Mill

Clinical Psychologist and Best Selling Author

Renee has published 3 best selling books and lectured in Australia, China, Israel, the United States and South Africa. She is well known on the speaker’s circuit and is often called upon by the media for her professional opinion.

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Rabbi Aron Moss

Nefesh, Sydney

Rabbi Aron Moss is a noted author and speaker on real life issues and Rabbi of the Nefesh community in Sydney.

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Rabbi Shalom Paltiel

Chabad of Port Washington, NY

Rabbi Paltiel is an engaging, dynamic speaker who touches his audiences with his blend of wisdom, warmth, passion and humor. He possesses the ability to teach Torah and traditional ideals in a modern context, making them relevant to the modern mind and heart. He is sought after as a guest lecturer for Chabad House groups and Shabatons across the country.

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Mrs Mushky Raskin

Chabad Carnegie, Melbourne

Mushky Raskin is the co-director of Chabad Carnegie in Melbourne.

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Rabbi Edward Reichman M.D.

Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY

Rabbi Edward Reichman is a professor of Emergency Medicine and professor in the Division of Education and Bioethics in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

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Mrs Malki Rodal

Chabad of the Hunter

Vibrant, enthusiastic, warm and empathetic, Yossi and Malki are a powerhouse of energy and warmth. With their ‘can-do’ attitude and commitment to their cause, they are an enthusiastic duo who will go the extra mile for a fellow Jew. With their three young boys by their side, they're always good fun!

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Rabbi Ari Rubin

Chabad of North Queensland

Rabbi Ari and his wife are servicing the needs of all Jews in North Queenland. Based in Cairns and regular travel to Townsville, Rabbi Ari reaches out to every single Jew in the area.

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Rebbetzin Fruma Schapiro

Chabad North Shore, Sydney

Rebbetzin Fruma Schapiro is a highly sought-after speaker and now features on Zoom platforms both nationally and internationally.
Her captivating, enthusiastic and eloquent delivery is filled with passion and authenticity. She engages with her participants giving them focus and inspiring them to genuinely reflect and make positive and lasting life changes.

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Tali Shine

Journalist, Author and Program Host

Rabbi Velly Slavin

Chabad Malvern, Melbourne

Rabbi Velly Slavin was born in New York and bred on the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s dream of making Judaism available and meaningful in every place of the world, from age 17, Velly started traveling for Chabad, energetically undertaking community building, Jewish education and outreach, in places like Moscow, Israel, San Francisco, Budapest, New Zealand and regional Australia.

Today he is the father of two adorable children, the Director of the Chabad Malvern Meaningful Living Centre and Co-director of Chabad Malvern’s Giving Kitchen, where he fulfils his two greatest passions in life; teaching Judaism’s timeless meaning and cooking for charity.

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Mrs Rivka Slonim

Internationally Renowned Scholar and Author

Rivkah Slonim is the education director at the Chabad Center for Jewish Student Life at Binghamton University. An internationally known teacher, lecturer, and activist, she travels widely, addressing the intersection of traditional Jewish observance and contemporary life, with a special focus on Jewish women in Jewish law and life. Slonim is the editor of Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology ( Jason Aronson 1996, Urim 2006) and Bread and Fire; Jewish Women find God in the Everyday ( Urim 2008). Slonim and her husband are the grateful and proud parents of nine children.

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Rabbi Menachem Stern

Shnei Ohr Chabad, Melbourne

Rabbi Menachem Stern and his wife Esther established Shnei Ohr Chabad in the heart of North Caulfield in 2009. With the goal to reach out to Jews from all different backgrounds on a personal level through educational programs as well as festival programs for all ages. They offer a warm and close-knit environment thereby making everyone feel as an integral part of their family and community.

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Rabbi Yisroel Sufrin

Chabad on Carlisle, Melbourne

Rabbi Yisroel Sufrin is the co-director of Chabad on Carlisle in Melbourne.

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Rabbi Shais Taub

International Scholar, Author and Soul Doctor

Rabbi Shais Taub has delivered lectures and classes on six continents, writes a weekly advice column in Ami Magazine, and is the author of the book G-d of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction, which was praised by Publishers Weekly as "a singular resource for those in need." National Public Radio referred to him as “an expert in Jewish mysticism and the 12 Steps” and the New York Times called him “a phenomenon.”

He has developed several groundbreaking works on Tanya including: the Tanya Map teaching tool, the JLI Soul Maps curriculum, and the audio series Mapping the Tanya.

His speeches and classes may be viewed on the website He currently serves as scholar-in-residence at Chabad of the Five Towns in Cedarhurst, NY.

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Dr Tammy Tempelhof

Child, Adolescent & Parent Psychologist

Tammy Tempelhof is a registered Clinical Psychologist and completed her Doctor of Psychology at Monash University in 2006. Tammy has worked in a Private Practice for 15 years and has experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and parents across a range of settings as well.

Tammy specialises in and have a particular interest in helping children deal with anxiety and behavioural issues as well as parenting support. She has experience working with a range of emotional and behavioural disorders including anxiety, depression, behavioural, eating, social, school and academic issues. As a parent herself, Tammy enjoys working with parents to provide practical and supportive strategies.

In conjunction with a Child Psychiatrist, Tammy has published 17 personalised photo story books that are tailor made for children experiencing anxiety to help them transition to a new experience. Click on the link to find out more.

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Rabbi Yehoram Ulman

Sydney Beth Din and Chabad of Bondi (F.R.E.E.)

Rabbi Yehoram Ulman is a senior Dayan on the Sydney Beth Din and founder and Rabbi of Chabad of Bondi (F.R.E.E.). Internationally recognised as a noted scholar and expert in Jewish law.

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Dr Shimon Waronker

Principal, Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah Colleges, Melbourne

Shimon Waronker, renowned educator and proud father of six, has transformed a failing, violent New York City public school, and opened three flourishing schools. Shimon has a degree in Rabbinic studies and is Harvard educated, he lectures worldwide, from across the US to as far as Australia. In recognition of his innovative work, he was knighted by the French government and awarded both the Humanitarian Lamplighter Award and the National Urban Alliance Educational Leadership Award.

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Rabbi Shalom White

Chabad of Western Australia

Rabbi White serves as the spiritual leader of the Shul, Chabad WA. After years of study in Israel and receiving Rabbinic ordination from renowned world rabbis, he moved to Perth with his wife. Rabbi White enjoys discussing Jewish thought and ideology.

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Rabbi Menachem Wolf

Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Centre, Melbourne

Rabbi Menachem Wolf is the dynamic, driving force behind Spiritgrow, as well as being the Spiritshul Rabbi.

Spiritgrow specializes in meditation, cooking, conscious eating, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga, Kabbalah, stress-busting, mind and body healing, relationship management and "sageing while ageing", among a smorgasbord of spiritual possibilities.

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Rabbi Dr Laibl Wolf

Spiritgrow Josef Kryss Centre, Melbourne

For the past 32 years Rabbi Laibl Wolf has been a spiritual mentor and a worldwide teacher of the mystical side of Judaism. Laibl is a master of, and draws his teachings from, the 4,000-year-old, esoteric and encrypted texts of the Kabbalah which provides a guide to the mysteries of cosmic and human consciousness and which is the source for much of the "new age" wisdom that we are familiar with today.

Although based on the Kabbalah, Laibl's philosophies are modern and progressive, and facilitate the growth of one's inner spirit in a technologically driven society. Although an Orthodox Hassidic Rabbi, his teachings are universal, open to people of all backgrounds and spiritual orientations.

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Rebbetzin Chanie Wolff

The Central Synagogue, Sydney

Rabbi Levi Wolff

The Central Synagogue, Sydney

Rabbi Levi Wolff and his wife, Chanie, both hail from New Jersey, USA. In August, 2001, Rabbi Levi and Chanie Wolff joined the Central Synagogue in Sydney, replete with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm.

Rabbi Wolff is the driving force behind the growth, warmth and soulful energy that is synonymous with Central. The Central Synagogue has an established reputation as a community leader with timeless Jewish values. We continue to grow stronger, delving and reaching ever-deeper. Join us and become part of Australian Jewish history!"

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Shternie Wolff

Chabad of Hanover, Germany

Shternie is a powerful woman. After recently losing her husband Rabbi Benny Wolff, aged 43, she has chosen to remain in Hanover Germany with her 8 children, to continue leading the vibrant Jewish community they spent 20 years establishing.

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Rebbetzin Sara-Tova Yaffe

CBD Chabad, Sydney

Rebbetzin Sara-Tova is co-director of CBDChabad and Director of Soul in the City. She holds a Master's of Education (USyd), a Diploma of Life Coaching and Counselling (NY) and a Diploma of Advanced Jewish Studies. She has been actively involved in women’s programming and community events in Sydney since 2006.

Sara-Tova is a qualified Educator, Life Coach and Counsellor, with considerable experience in mentoring and supporting. Sara-Tova has been hosting Challah Baking Workshops for groups of all ages throughout Sydney for the past 5 years, one of the many activities she facilitates.

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